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        To REMEMBER Nanjing Massacre

        發布時間:2015-03-30 09:39:57           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:1858

        By Constanly  from Ordos Campus
               On the morning of 13th December, when I searched the Internet, I found there were many news articles about the Nanjing Massacre. In an article, there was a photo o

        f our country’s flag at half mast, for the purpose of commemorating the people who were murdered during that hard time. The massacre was so brutal, as many as 300 thousand people died, it is the scar which is full of tears and blood of our mother country.

          I have once heard a story about an old male survivor, it touches the deepest part of my heart. When he was seven, there were lots of strangers who carried guns who came to his home and gave orders to his father in a strange language. His father answered something to them then ran to his room fast and told him with a beautiful smile:“Dear, let’s play hide and seek! Those men found me so they will take me away, if you want to win and save me, you should hide yourself well and don’t let anyone who wear the same clothes like them find you. Understand, my love?” he felt excited and answered quickly:“Yes, Sir!”Then he was watching those men bring his father farther and farther away. The second day, he was found by Chinese solider, and he realized he would never see his father until he died.It has been said that THOSE who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. For all Chinese people, Nanjing Massacre is one of the most cruel atrocities which the Japanese militarist had done to Chinese people  during the World War II. This part of history can never be forgotten by us. It is shocking that the Japanese who did the massacre deny their brutal act all the time. Even though there are some Japanese veterans who have began to admit the atrocities they had done. They are but few and this is so little. We can’t forget the pain, we Chinese must remember it so that we learn the lesson and learn to make our country and ourselves strong.

                Since the ancient time of China, there are lots of people who work quite hard and desperately, to live for freedom, who have helped the poor all the time… Everyone including us who had aimed to save our country has been the backbone, all who fought with the unfair was the backbone.
              “We will take history as a mirror and face the future, in order to make Chinese people's contribution the building of a harmonious world ”With practical action, promote th
        e development of all aspects of the two countries in political, economic, cultural and other relations, expand exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, to contribute to world peace and development so that we can be the backbone of our nation in our time.


                Instructor: Nina



                九年級  李姝怡  (鄂爾多斯校區)