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        My Dream

        發布時間:2015-03-30 09:11:16           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:1600

        Class 1, Grade 7(Ordos Campus) 
        By Daisy     
          Everyone has his own dream. Some people want to be doctors, some want to be actors, and some want to be scientists.
          I have a dream. My dream is to be a singer. I was fond of singing songs when I was a child. I wanted to be a singer when I saw a singer singing from the screen. 

          Maybe you will ask why I want to be a singer. Some people think a  singer will be very tired after the hard work. But I think to sing is not to have a result. I needn’t stand on the stage, and singing can make me happy. I want people to hear my voice to eliminate the fatigue in a day. I like to bring people joys, then I can see their happy faces.
          I want to be a singer of freedom. I hope my song can eliminate the  racial discrimination and go beyond national boundaries. Cultures have no borders. This is my dream--to be a singer! 
        Instructor: Kevin Pei
        Content:Excellent Composition




               7年級1班 郭是含(鄂爾多斯校區)





        指導教師: 裴海峰