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        My Trip to Hong Kong and Macao

        發布時間:2015-03-30 08:55:28           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:1691

        Class1,Grade 8 (Ordos Campus)  

          I went to Hong Kong with my family this national holiday.
          Hong Kong is very beautiful. The temperature in Hong Kong in February was much higher than Ordos. It’s 0℃ in Ordos, but it’s 20℃ in Hong Kong. So we wore summer clothes in Hong Kong.There are many tall buildings in Hong Kong. In the mountains, we can see a lot of tall buildings that are much taller than mountains. We went to many places in Hong Kong, such as Victoria Harbor, Repulse Bay and so on. We also went to Disney park, it’s a lot of fun, the park is very big.
          The first day, we came to Hong Kong. I found an interesting thing when I went on the car. The driver sat in the right side of the front and drove along the left side. The first place we went to is Hong Kong Ocean Park. It has Animals Pavilion, Ocean Pavilion and so on.Then we visited all the pavilions and had snacks in a store. After then, we went to the Amusement Park on the mountains. The park is so big that we played the whole afternoon. In the evening, we went to the Victoria Harbor which is very beautiful. Tall buildings and colorful lights came to our eyes and we were fond of them.
          The second day, we went shopping in the mall with the tour group. All the goods in the mall are duty-free. They all are import commodities. In the afternoon, we arrived at the Avenue of Stars where many hand prints can be seen, includes the Bronze Statue of Bruce Lee.
          The third day, a free day was given to us. I went to the Disneyland with my parents. It was very big and nice. We reached every place in this park and played the whole day there.
          The fourth day, we went to Macao. Macao is not big. We went to Venice which is the largest casino in Macao. However, I couldn’t go there because kids are not allowed to enter. The casino is a shopping street, and the artificial sky is very beautiful.
          I enjoyed this trip with my family a lot and I will never forget this experience. 

        Instructor: Kevin Pei
        Content:Excellent Composition












        指導教師: 裴海峰