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        --Miss Ruby: It’s a kind of sport. You often play it with your team members. The Next World Cup will be held  in Russia. Do you know which sport it is?


        --Miss Summer: Soccer.


        --Miss Ruby:Yeah, you are right.

        Ruby 老師肯定地說,“你答對了?!?


        --Ms.Gied:It’s a kind of food. There’s something inside. It’s popular all over the world. Chinese often make it during the Spring Festival. What is it ?


        --Ms. Nina: Dumplings.

        Ms. Nina猜到:“餃子?!?


        當然,猜詞對英語老師們來說,肯定是just a piece of cake啦。









        --I am orange. I am thin and long. Rabbits like me very much.    What am I ?

        -- I am small. I can fly. I like singing in the sky. What am I?

        --What fruit is the favorite food for monkeys?

        --It’s red and round. It’s sweet. Eat it every day keeps the doctors away.What is it?

        --What kind of dog doesn't bite or bark?

        --She is tall with glasses. We often have her classes on the playground.Who is she? 

        --Teachers write on me with chalk. I can’t talk. What am I ?

        -- What do you call your father’s father’s only son?

        -- What is clean when it is black and dirty when it is white?

        --What has a round face and two thin hands, one hand short, one hand long?

        --What is big and bright during the day and we can’t see it at night?

        --Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

        --What is big and bright during the day and we can’t see it at night?

        --We read it every day. Sometimes we read it, sometimes we underline on it, sometimes we lose it. But when it happens, teachers are often angry with you.What is it?

        -- I am everywhere in the earth. Without me, you have to die.

        What am I ?

        -- I am very big and heavy. I have a long nose and big ears.

        What am I ?
        --I am the tallest animal in the world. What am I ?
        -- I live in the sea. I am the biggest animal in the sea. What am I ?

        --Sometimes it looks like a boat. Sometimes it looks like a small white sun. What is it?



        --I am always with you. Sometimes behind you, sometimes before you, sometimes by your side, but you can’t see me in the dark.

        --We can find it everywhere. Ladies use it to make up. When I comb my hair, I look at myself from it. What is it?