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        【英語日】Questions, Questions, Questions

        發布時間:2018-05-16 04:00:51           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:1128

            For this week’s English activity, studentswere asked to prepare questions to ask their fellow classmates andteachers.  Some example questions were,“What fruit do you like best?” or “Where is your hometown?”.  Once everyone was ready, students were setloose on the school grounds to ask and answer each other’s questionsfreely.  As they roamed around theplayground asking their questions, they were to record the names and answers ofthose they asked.



            Frommy perspective, it was a great success. This was a wonderful opportunity to practice their English in a safe,fun, and exciting way.  I saw studentsrunning around asking classmates from all grades, not just their class.  Many students were especially excited topractice English with their teachers, even the Head Mistress (who was also veryenthusiastic).   My favorite part waswatching older, more experienced, students show patience and kindness toyounger students who were brave enough to ask them their questions.



            Whenthe free time was over, and students had the opportunity to ask many otherstheir questions, we were all called back into formation.  Several students volunteered to come up onstage to share their questions and some of the answers in front of the wholeschool. After today’s activity, I hope that all students (and teachers) feelmore confident in using English to talk freely with everyone they meet.