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        發布時間:2015-04-10 14:26:54           責任編輯:管理員           點擊次數:1994

        Maple Leaf International School Teacher Job Description


                  Abide by school rules and obey laws,serve as an example to others,do not participate in prohibited activities in the eye of administrative systems and education regulations. In the event of an emergency, teachers should give top priority to the safety of their students.

                 Adhere to teacher’s work ethics, respect and care for every student, do not use   unnecessary punishment. Teachers shall not accept any form of bribery from parents or students. 

                Respect for the right of education for every student. Do not discriminate against any student. For any reason students should not deprived the opportunity to participate in the normal teaching and other activities.

                Comply with the specification of teaching. Teachers shall not arbitrarily change classes or miss classes. Teachers should put their name board on the door outside the classroom. Teachers who change lessons should apply in advance to the Dean's Office. Have lesson plans in class. They should not be delayed for any reason or in marking students' work. They should not be sitting, reclining, or lying prone at the class desk. Teachers are not allowed to leave the classroom during their designated time (including self-study courses). Special circumstances should be described in advance to the Dean's Office. Receiving guests, and answering the phone are not allowed during class time.



                Obey the rules of the school. Never be late or leave early. Ask for leave in advance if there are personal things to deal with. Attend meetings and group work on time and take part in discussions seriously. Keep focused on your work.

                As a teacher in Maple Leaf, bind yourself with high standard to make a model for students in every aspect. No smoking in the campus. No talking or laughing loudly so as to interrupting others’ work or study. Don’t do anything unrelated to work. Never return to the apartment or get off work during the working time. Do inform the Dean’s Office in advance if there are personal things to deal with.

                Abide by the moral rules, reflect high quality. It is the responsibility of each teacher to build positive public atmosphere. Make yourself and others in good attitude. Show your complaint about work, leaders and workmates by normal channels. Never misunderstanding or interfere with normal work.  Try to create happy working atmosphere together.

                Clothing, headgear and footwear should be appropriate. Hair and appearance must in accordance with Maple Leaf requirements.  Do not wear absurd clothing. Do not wear too much make-up; female teachers should wear simple make-up. Be polite to parents and guests, initiate conversation and act friendly.